Welcome to the New When Can I Stop

Welcome to the new WhenCanIStop. It looks a bit different, doesn’t it? What is going on with all that Alec? Back in 2012 when I last did my last post about how this blog was performing, one of my key

Why are you wasting your money on an SEO agency?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (sorry about that) – I’m halfway through the middle of trying to rework out the purpose of this blog, who the audience should be and what it should look like. But in the

The difference between Optimisation and Strategy

You’ll have noticed that there has been a lack of posts on here recently and that is been because I’ve been quite busy in the office. What have I been busy with? Well one thing that has been going on

The six presentation you won’t see at Measure Camp 3

Measure Camp is coming this Saturday! For those of you who are blissfully unaware, Measure Camp is an ‘unconference’ held here in London for Web Analytics people. The unconference bit refers to the fact that we have no preplanned speakers

Conversion Funnel Analysis in WebTrends

Conversion funnel analysis is so 2008. But I’m in a retro mood, so we’re going to revisit it again, this time updating the series to show how you do conversion funnel analysis in WebTrends. It is quite worrying actually that

The Great FireWall of Cameron is bad for non-parents, parents and children

Net neutrality is an important topic – far more important than a simple Analytics blog could ever hope to cover – and covers many different areas. From ensuring that network operators don’t filter or throttle particular connection types for the

How to use digital attribution models

Online attribution is a thorny subject. Peter O’Neill thinks that “the data it is possible to collect will always be incomplete – leading to incorrect interpretations & decisions”, whereas Derek Tangren of Adobe thinks “The devel­op­ment of an advanced mar­ket­ing

Firefox won’t increase privacy by blocking third party cookies by default

Mozilla and Microsoft have both got themselves in a bit of a privacy tizz over their respective browsers. First Microsoft decided to make Internet Explorer 10 come with ‘Do Not Track’ turned on by default, now Mozilla is thinking of

Build a Measurement Framework before you do any Analytics to avoid failure

I’m repeatedly amazed by how often people come to me to tell me about their struggles in analytics and it stems from failing to do one basic step right at the beginning. I say ‘basic’, where of course I should

What WebTrends should do for Analytics version 12

I’ve been in my current job for about a year now and I’ve been working quite a lot with WebTrends (as well as Google Analytics and all sorts), but this week I’ve been working on SiteCatalyst with a client again.