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Build a Measurement Framework before you do any Analytics to avoid failure

I’m repeatedly amazed by how often people come to me to tell me about their struggles in analytics and it stems from failing to do one basic step right at the beginning. I say ‘basic’, where of course I should

What should managers do with their Analytics function?

Whilst at Measure Camp a couple of weeks ago I attended one session entitled ‘Does anyone outside this room care about Web Analytics?’ At it, I posited that many people’s dissatisfaction with organisations was just a misinterpretation of a maturity model

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This week’s post is going to be slightly different, because I’m going to be doing some investigation.  I’m not sure I can count as an investigative journalist, because I’m not a journalist and I don’t really do much investigation, so

Should Publishers charge for access to content?

I keep updated on the world of online publishing because, well, because I can.  And because I used to be involved in the whole thing until the beginning of the year.  So it hasn’t escaped my knowledge that Rupert Murdoch

Business Models for Publishers

Given that I am changing jobs from working for the UK’s biggest B2B publishing company (that’s RBI, by the way) – I’m on holiday at the moment – to go and work for a Government website that gives advice to