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Digg: The (latest) unofficial obituary

Almost four years ago I wrote about how you should be thinking about getting your content noticed on Digg, how it all worked and what you should be doing to get yourself up the top. I’m half tempted to delete

Social Media Integration with Web Analytics: How, Why, What

We’ve been talking about social media in the office quite a lot recently. And why not, it is not just starting to take off in the sense that people are using it, but that Marketers are wondering how they make

Two good and three bad stories in Social Media

Social Media is the biggest thing in the world at the moment.  You can hardly look anywhere in the press without being reminded of Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.  Well, of course you won’t fail to be reminded about blogs,  I

Pitchforks and Torches at Reddit because of ‘Spammer’

Wow – I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted anything about social media in over a year.  I’m slacking.  Then again I have posted more about social media than I have about SEO, so maybe I’ve been more slacking with

Twittering away – what should you measure

Seeing as lots of people suddenly seem to be picking up on Twitter recently, I thought that maybe I should be adding my two pence worth to the conversation (obviously you can pick me up @acochrane).  Why should I be

How to make Slashdot work for you

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how you can make digg work for you (admittedly the hard way, as opposed to the sending links around to a group of mates with a designated time for everyone

How you can make Digg work for you

I wrote this in a pit of fury when our company got their IP blocked by those lovely people over at Digg, because someone started spamming their site (I presume, they didn’t actually tell me why).  Since then I have

Social bookmarking is all about networking

Whilst I was on the way home from playing tennis earlier (I know, it is far too cold to be playing tennis) I thought that I could have named this post ‘taking the fun out of social bookmarking’, but that

Using Hitwise to help your Social Bookmarking strategies

It is a summer of weddings for me at the moment, but I thought that I’d post about something that came up before the most recent one (congrats to my sister by the way).  Specifically we’ve been talking lots about

Social Bookmarking is about Brand

I’ve just been reading a couple of blog posts about social media that stemmed from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox on reducing bounce rates.  I’m not entirely sure Jakob Nielsen meant to do it, but he has started a bit of a