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Limiting collection of data won’t help your privacy, only limiting processing and access will

In the wake of some of the biggest scandals relating to privacy in years, it is an odd question to ask, but is our attempt to increase our privacy misguided? Jennifer Lawrence and co might disagree (and now that I’m

Firefox won’t increase privacy by blocking third party cookies by default

Mozilla and Microsoft have both got themselves in a bit of a privacy tizz over their respective browsers. First Microsoft decided to make Internet Explorer 10 come with ‘Do Not Track’ turned on by default, now Mozilla is thinking of

Cookie debacle almost over, but more EU privacy laws on their way

I’d like to say that I’ve written more on here about cookies and privacy than anything else, although that probably isn’t strictly speaking true. But I do have a little picture in the top left hand corner of every page

Whencanistop’s Cookie Audit

Here in the UK we’ve had some new cookie laws that have been implemented. You may have heard about it. To be fair, they’re not new at all, they’ve been around for a year, but this weekend the information commissioner

Time is running out: get your cookie policy right

Yet again I am sitting here writing another post about cookies, when I’d much prefer to be out eating some. I think that this will eventually get me down to the point where I will just flop on my keyboard

The ICO has its Data Protection Priorities Wrong

It’s very difficult writing a ‘let’s get things in perspective’ blog post, when half your country has been rioting, hence I’ve waited a bit before putting this together. I’ve been quite vociferous on the cookie legislation that has been introduced

An open letter to the ICO: A solution to the new EU cookie legislation

It was a law that no UK business wanted, the Government didn’t want to implement, the media didn’t understand and the people knew little about. So how did a near-on technically impossible law get implemented 5 days ago on the

The New Cookie Law: Reaction round up

So this week the Information Commissioners office published their guidelines on cookies following their ratification into law. The outcome is that they’ve essentially said that you should get explicit consent from your users for all but the ‘essential’ cookies. Analytics

Cookies are the best way to track users. Or are they?

It’s not unusual for me to write about cookies. So I am going to continue doing so! Last week we had a web analytics Wednesday event where we looked at data and privacy issues which the poor chap who was

What, why and how of cookies affecting your privacy

Privacy on the web is a heated subject.  You can tell it is because websites like Slashdot have their own section dedicated to it; at the beginning of every movie that you watch there is a bit that says ‘You