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2011’s Predictions Revisited – How Wrong was I?

At this time of year, it is traditionally that people write their predictions for the year coming up. They usually make a series of bold claims that subsequently start to look ridiculous or they make a series of claims that

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This week’s post is going to be slightly different, because I’m going to be doing some investigation.  I’m not sure I can count as an investigative journalist, because I’m not a journalist and I don’t really do much investigation, so

How Publishers Could Do Micropayments

I’ve been thinking recently about how Publishers should set up their paid for model (given that News International have said they are going to do it).  Last time I wrote about it I was trying to work out if he

Should Publishers charge for access to content?

I keep updated on the world of online publishing because, well, because I can.  And because I used to be involved in the whole thing until the beginning of the year.  So it hasn’t escaped my knowledge that Rupert Murdoch

What affect will the online publishing crisis have on web analytics?

Keeping my eye out in the press as I do, I haven’t failed to notice that the online publishing world has been going through a bit of a crisis recently.  Rupert Murdoch recently claimed that he might move his newspapers

Business Models for Publishers

Given that I am changing jobs from working for the UK’s biggest B2B publishing company (that’s RBI, by the way) – I’m on holiday at the moment – to go and work for a Government website that gives advice to