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Where is your Web Analytics Tool Now?

June 2005 was a different era. “Crazy Frog” was number one in the charts, Star Wars Episode III was number one at the box office, iPhones were still two years away (am I making you feel old?), Internet Explorer 6

Who would win in a fight between WebTrends and SiteCatalyst?

This blog is here to answer the biggest questions of the day, so in this week’s blog post I am looking at who would win in a fight between two different measurement systems. Will it be a fair fight? Almost

The first 5 things you should know about SiteCatalyst

“Hi Alec, with your help we’ve just successfully put SiteCatalyst on our website. My development team say that the data is being collected so can I use it now?” says my imaginary client. “Sure.” I say “Have you ever used

5 tips for SiteCatalyst Report Builder

I promise that the posts about SiteCatalyst detail are going to stop in the next few months in favour of more online featured posts, but today I thought I’d do a little bit on Report builder. For those of you

How to use the Products Variable in SiteCatalyst

I’ve been writing a bit about SiteCatalyst in the last couple of months, so I thought I’d continue that trend by doing a bit of demystifying of the Product variable in SiteCatalyst. This is a variable that can be used

Processing Rules in SiteCatalyst version 15

For those of you who follow my blog and were expecting a post detailing which if of my six things that I wanted for SiteCatalyst version 15 actually got implemented in version 15 have been disappointed for the last 14 months.

5 Tips for Using SiteCatalyst Version 15 segments

With an ever increasing number of people going onto version 15 of SiteCatalyst I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity for me to write a blog post about segmentation, which is the major functionality improvement. It looks like

There is lots of data to analyse despite Google’s Secure Search update

A lot has been written recently about the introduction of Google secure search means for websites. In fact, I’ve been at the fore of writing about it myself on the Digital Transparency blog that I’ve been contributing to recently, so

Tips for Building your Google Adwords to help Analysis

In a perfect world either all your prospective customers would know about you or they would be able to find you in a search engines because you’d rank for all those search terms that prospective customers (even those that don’t

4 Tips to get more out of SiteCatalyst Marketing Channels

In the past couple of weeks I’ve had a couple of clients ask me about the Marketing channels report in SiteCatalyst.  I was part of the beta programme in my last job (do I get in trouble from Omniture for