Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics for Shopify: What is it and why should I care

This is the fourth time I have sat down to write this post. It was overly complicated and has put me off writing posts for quite a while now, so I can only apologise about that. In hindsight I should

Analytics on Shopify

I’ve just been doing some work on Shopify and with the documentation lacking in some areas, I thought that I’d post something showing how it all works and how you can get it set up for you. Many apologies to

Analytics of Product List Pages

Thanks to everyone who came to MeasureCamp a week or so ago. Kelly McClean and I presented a session on the analytics of product list (listing, lister, etc) pages (PLPs) which was actually a copy of the presentation that we

The end of the Generalist Web Analyst is here

Last week at Web Analytics Wednesday we were treated to the outputs of the latest eConsultancy review of the analytics industry and on Wednesday this week eConsultancy is hosting a webinar on the future of agencies, so I thought that

How Googlebot executing JavaScript will affect you

A few weeks ago I did a piece of work looking at the impact of Google’s robots executing JavaScript on pages, so I thought I’d do the decent thing and post it up here for you all to read as

Why were the Polls about the 2015 General Election Wrong?

Never one to miss an opportunity to jump on a current affairs bandwagon, some of you may have noticed that there was this general election thing that happened in the UK recently where we voted for a load of people.

The Importance of Tracking Stock in Analytics

I’ve been working in retail recently and it has highlighted to me the absolute massive importance of stock (and that half explains the absence on here of my posts – I promise I’ll be back more now!). ¬†When I worked

Limiting collection of data won’t help your privacy, only limiting processing and access will

In the wake of some of the biggest scandals relating to privacy in years, it is an odd question to ask, but is our attempt to increase our privacy misguided? Jennifer Lawrence and co might disagree (and now that I’m

SEO considerations when moving from Blogger to WordPress

Well I said I’d tell you about the SEO things that I was going to do for this blog when moving from Blogger to WordPress, so here it is (I’ll keep this updated as I do new stuff). Below you’ll

What are ‘segments’ in Measurement Frameworks?

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to talk at ProductTank in London: a group of product managers who meet monthly to have a few drinks and talk about being a product manager (well worth signing up if you