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Happy 5th Birthday Whencanistop!

Every year I produce a blog post pointing out how brilliant I am at blogging and this is that occasion this year. That’s right, I’m congratulating myself on my ability to write a blog for five whole years. You know

Six Tasks for creating a new blog

A lot of my time in the last couple of weeks has been taken up with a new blog that I’m working on for work. In case you haven’t realised, I am going to be a regular contributor to the

Two good and three bad stories in Social Media

Social Media is the biggest thing in the world at the moment.  You can hardly look anywhere in the press without being reminded of Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.  Well, of course you won’t fail to be reminded about blogs,  I

Whencanistop – a year in numbers

Everyone does one.  So that means I can too.  That’s all the justification I need.  No really – I don’t need anything more, just the satisfaction of knowing that everyone else is going to write about their blog in this

What do I do because of my Analytics?

The million dollar question is having spent all of last week looking at my analytics, what conclusions have I drawn from it and what am I going to do about it. I think maybe it is a time to revisit

Traffic for Whencanistop

I thought that in this post I might share with you some information on the amount of traffic I’ve been getting to this blog and give you some insight as to how it works. It should give you a good

Your tables aren’t long enough

Like King Arthur and his gang at a kids tea party, I have been left to rue the size of tables recently. Whilst Arthur may have got out of this predicament by getting Merlin to do his magic, I only