Month: July 2008

Web Form Design

In an uncharacteristic change, I’ve been reading some non-fiction on the train to work in the last couple of weeks and thought I’d blog about it here (albeit briefly) before moving on to some related web analytics stuff.  The book

The iPhone Changes the ball park for Mobile Analytics

I’ll start this post today by saying that I’ve got a new iPhone.  Is it great?  Well it is according to cnet, and not so according to others.  Needless to say, I am impressed because I’ve gone from a horrible

AVG and the fake traffic debacle

No, this isn’t the start of my latest fantasy novel – where the schoolboy hero (Larry Plotter) of the story breaks into the realm of (final) fantasy to destroy the evil AVG from taking over the world (its the sequel

Social Bookmarking is about Brand

I’ve just been reading a couple of blog posts about social media that stemmed from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox on reducing bounce rates.  I’m not entirely sure Jakob Nielsen meant to do it, but he has started a bit of a