Month: February 2008

The Advantages of Social Bookmarking

I have been thinking about posting on this subject (slightly different to my normal ‘how to’ and ‘techniques’ postings that I normally do) for quite a while. It actually comes out of analysis that I have done for several websites

A/B testing to improve engagement

In a shock turnaround in fortunes this week I am going to blog about something I am planning on doing rather than something I have just done. Ergo this is probably not going to make much more sense than my

Conversion Funnel Analysis: When, How and What

How often do I start a post of saying that I was doing a presentation this week and thought that it would be useful to give my findings (in a broad way) on this blog? Far too often. However this

5 simple tricks to work out why your traffic has gone up

Ok, last week I talked about why January was great for traffic, but you can’t just leave it there. I finished the post with a comment saying that you need to find out why users are using the site more