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Tag Management is Dead

People in my industry love describing something as dead (who could forget me proclaiming web analytics is dead some three years ago – it feels much longer ago, believe me), so it should come as little surprise that someone is proclaiming

2011’s Predictions Revisited – How Wrong was I?

At this time of year, it is traditionally that people write their predictions for the year coming up. They usually make a series of bold claims that subsequently start to look ridiculous or they make a series of claims that

There is lots of data to analyse despite Google’s Secure Search update

A lot has been written recently about the introduction of Google secure search means for websites. In fact, I’ve been at the fore of writing about it myself on the Digital Transparency blog that I’ve been contributing to recently, so

An SEO review of the UK Government Websites

I’ve written about SEO in the past and I have written about the UK Government websites in the past (although, admittedly not on this blog!). So it seems sensible that I should write about the two of them together. The

Tips for Building your Google Adwords to help Analysis

In a perfect world either all your prospective customers would know about you or they would be able to find you in a search engines because you’d rank for all those search terms that prospective customers (even those that don’t

Google+ and it’s impact on Search Engine Optimisation

The big news of the last couple of weeks is the launch of Google+. Or should we be calling it G+? Or Google Plus? The fact that nobody quite knows what to call it is just adding to its allure.

How Publishers Could Do Micropayments

I’ve been thinking recently about how Publishers should set up their paid for model (given that News International have said they are going to do it).  Last time I wrote about it I was trying to work out if he

Microsoft Bing doing Yahoo!’s search

Normally the prose seem to flow from my fingers (well it seems like that to me and I don’t care what you think so there :)), however this week it doesn’t seem to have quite worked out like that this

Bidding for paid keywords on your own brand

As I was writing a presentation for next week on paid keyword tracking, I was reminded of something that had happened to me in a previous job. Particularly this was bidding for keywords that included the brand name. Now for

Why I’ll be taking GooglePage Rank off my toolbar

You kind of new that at some point someone over at Google was going to do something a little silly and wipe all the good marketing that they’ve done over time into the dust bin. Ok, ok that is a