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My new HTC One X is different to an iPhone

My old mobile phone died on me recently. I’d not treated it well, to be fair. There was a big crack across screen after I’d repeatedly dropped it on the floor. The corners had scratches and cuts taken out of

2011’s Predictions Revisited – How Wrong was I?

At this time of year, it is traditionally that people write their predictions for the year coming up. They usually make a series of bold claims that subsequently start to look ridiculous or they make a series of claims that

4 Predictions on the Future of the Web and Analytics

Well it is this time of year that the world and his son comes out and does some predictions on the next couple of years, so I who am I to buck the trend?  Admittedly I am going to look

The iPhone Changes the ball park for Mobile Analytics

I’ll start this post today by saying that I’ve got a new iPhone.  Is it great?  Well it is according to cnet, and not so according to others.  Needless to say, I am impressed because I’ve gone from a horrible