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Widget and Gadgets Examples: SES NY 2008

So I said I’d put up another post if I managed to find some examples of the widgets that were showcased in the widget and gadgets session at SES NY – and I have! I’ve found a link to loads

Widgets and Gadgets at SES NY 08

I would love to be able to show you some of the widget and gadgets (wadgets?!) that were showcased in this session but I don’t have the links just yet. I’m going to do some searching and I’ll add another

Universal Search at SES New York 2008

This session on universal search started well with the presentation of some interesting research data from James Laberti of comScore, Inc about the prevalence of universal search results in the SERPs. Then it rapidly turned into “bait the Google guy,”

SES New York 2008: Converting Visitors Into Buyers

This session was focused on converting visitors into buyers. Although the focus was primarily on e-commerce sites, the concept of conversion was extended to include b2b conversion points such as white paper downloads, e-newsletter sign-ups and subscriptions. There was a

SES New York 2008: Data Into Action

At SES New York Matt Bailey from SiteLogic presented on web analytics and managed to draw some enlightening similarities between Star Trek and data analysis. Being a hard core Star Trek fan Matt Bailey worked out that crew members dressed

Redefining the customer: People are cats, never dogs

It’s the first day of SES New York and I’ve just attended a session about redefining the customer that compared humans to cats, pointed to the absence of beautiful women on conversion pages and gave some ideas how to make