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Whencanistop – a year in numbers

Everyone does one.  So that means I can too.  That’s all the justification I need.  No really – I don’t need anything more, just the satisfaction of knowing that everyone else is going to write about their blog in this

Site Overlays and Persuasion Architecture

Previously on whencanistop I talked about HBX Active Viewing in terms of how to use it and how to use the results (ish). This time I around I am going to talk about how you can use the active viewing

The rules of engagement

Ok, I’ve talked about Engagement before on this blog (twice actually), so I am not going to repeat myself. There are a number of measures of engagement that you can use and these are detailed all over the place. My

Is HBX active viewing awesome?

Yes it is, according to Stephane Hamel. However he was looking at it from a slightly different point of view than from how we will be looking at it within a publishing company. So how will we be looking at