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6 steps to get the most out of AB or Multivariate testing

With the risk of teaching grandmothers to suck eggs, I’m going to spend a bit of time today talking about A/B testing and multivariate testing. Last time I wrote about this was five years ago when I wrote about how

Web Analytics Wednesday With Alec!

Ok, I should have written this post last week (what is it that Kate said about scent when she guest blogged and I said about Persuasion Architecture?), but I have recently been presenting at Web Analytic Wednesday in London.  For

Web Analytics is dead

Well if James can declare that Usability is dead, surely I can declare that web analytics is dead.  In fact, this whole point is quite interesting and will actually have some real impact in where we are going and what

More Web Analytics for Content Editors

Well I’d been writing the previous post for ages and decided that it was time to cut it in half and write one half that dealt with the metrics that content editors use and the second half was going to

SES New York 2008: Converting Visitors Into Buyers

This session was focused on converting visitors into buyers. Although the focus was primarily on e-commerce sites, the concept of conversion was extended to include b2b conversion points such as white paper downloads, e-newsletter sign-ups and subscriptions. There was a

Redefining the customer: People are cats, never dogs

It’s the first day of SES New York and I’ve just attended a session about redefining the customer that compared humans to cats, pointed to the absence of beautiful women on conversion pages and gave some ideas how to make

Site Overlays and Persuasion Architecture

Previously on whencanistop I talked about HBX Active Viewing in terms of how to use it and how to use the results (ish). This time I around I am going to talk about how you can use the active viewing

A/B testing to improve engagement

In a shock turnaround in fortunes this week I am going to blog about something I am planning on doing rather than something I have just done. Ergo this is probably not going to make much more sense than my