Month: March 2010

[Citation Needed]

This week’s post is going to be slightly different, because I’m going to be doing some investigation.  I’m not sure I can count as an investigative journalist, because I’m not a journalist and I don’t really do much investigation, so

Web Analytics Wednesday With Alec!

Ok, I should have written this post last week (what is it that Kate said about scent when she guest blogged and I said about Persuasion Architecture?), but I have recently been presenting at Web Analytic Wednesday in London.  For

Pitchforks and Torches at Reddit because of ‘Spammer’

Wow – I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted anything about social media in over a year.  I’m slacking.  Then again I have posted more about social media than I have about SEO, so maybe I’ve been more slacking with