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Google Analytics updated to make it seem more ‘enterprise’

I got an email this morning from Google Analytics telling me that they’d added 7 new features to my Google analytics account: Hello Google Analytics user,We recently added powerful new features to your Google Analytics account. With these seven new

Twittering away – what should you measure

Seeing as lots of people suddenly seem to be picking up on Twitter recently, I thought that maybe I should be adding my two pence worth to the conversation (obviously you can pick me up @acochrane).  Why should I be

Google Analytics New Features

Ok guys, I started this post at the end of last week, unfortunately my browser crashed on me and I hadn’t saved it (d’oh), so I thought I’d start again tonight.  Basically Google Analytics has been given a bit of

Is Engagement a metric?

I was about to start this post with “Ok, I’ve talked about engagement before…”, but when searching for those posts, I realised that I’d started a post like that before, so I had to come up with something different.  I

Social Bookmarking is about Brand

I’ve just been reading a couple of blog posts about social media that stemmed from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox on reducing bounce rates.  I’m not entirely sure Jakob Nielsen meant to do it, but he has started a bit of a

Engagement is Conversation

Well I’ve just come back from the RBI eMarketing conference, where I did a couple of speeches. The second one was on A/B testing, where I did a couple of examples and got people to vote (thanks to all those

Redefining the customer: People are cats, never dogs

It’s the first day of SES New York and I’ve just attended a session about redefining the customer that compared humans to cats, pointed to the absence of beautiful women on conversion pages and gave some ideas how to make

The rules of engagement

Ok, I’ve talked about Engagement before on this blog (twice actually), so I am not going to repeat myself. There are a number of measures of engagement that you can use and these are detailed all over the place. My

Launching a new site

Well I had to talk about it at some point, so now is as good a time as any. Computer weekly has just had a major redesign (launched at the end of last week) and I am going to talk

Getting your users to engage

There was a bit of conversation recently around the measurement of engagement within the web analytics industry and I think that this has been brewing around this company for a while too (although under a different name). Whilst Avinash and