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Where is your Web Analytics Tool Now?

June 2005 was a different era. “Crazy Frog” was number one in the charts, Star Wars Episode III was number one at the box office, iPhones were still two years away (am I making you feel old?), Internet Explorer 6

What Yahoo! should learn from ‘Gatineau’

In a bit of a change of direction for me, I’m going to post today on something that has happened in the industry and not something that can help you with your business (sorry!).  You may or may not have

Yahoo buys IndexTools to Continue Consolidation

Seeing as I had the temerity to link to AurĂ©lie Pols’ blog post about Yahoo’s acquisition and subsequent decision to release for free on Slashdot, I thought that I’d better write a post on it. Not least because I had

Microsoft Ad Center Analytics (aka Gatineau) Reviewed

Because I said I would two weeks back, I thought that I’d give you an update on what I thought of Microsoft’s Gatineau (or Ad center Analytics as it is now called). These are just my initial thoughts, by the

The end of HBX is not quite nigh

It’s all been happening recently. Well, if you live in the world of Analytics like we do then it has all been happening. Firstly there was news that Omniture and Visual Sciences have merged (more of that later), then suddenly