Month: January 2008

Isn’t January great for traffic?

I was sitting down doing my weekly reporting for the board (plus the several thousand other people who having discovered I do it decided that they wanted a piece of the action), when it occurred to me that January is

Omniture’s SiteCatalyst HBX

Well two months ago I wrote about how the end of HBX wasn’t quite here yet. And it still isn’t here, quite yet. However it may be a lot closer than I anticipated two months ago with the announcement on

Hitwise Part Deux – for the Sales team

We’ll continue in the theme of Hitwise after last week’s 6 tips. This week we are going to go into some of the other features of Hitwise that allow you to do some demographic and lifestyle based queries on yours

6 tips for using Hitwise

Because I can, I am going to continue the theme of writing blog posts about things I’ve presented on recently. It kind of makes sense that I’ve gone to all the effort of putting together a power point presentation, so