Year: 2009

Google Analytics updated to make it seem more ‘enterprise’

I got an email this morning from Google Analytics telling me that they’d added 7 new features to my Google analytics account: Hello Google Analytics user,We recently added powerful new features to your Google Analytics account. With these seven new

How Slashdot saw the new Cookie laws in the EU

As you may have noticed before, I am a reader of slashdot (although only an occasional reader these days as I pick up posts through slashdot’s twitter updates).  Last time I got something analytics related on to their front page

The difference between Accuracy and Precision

I did a Google search earlier on mentions on my blog of the word accuracy and the precision.  Neither appear at all.  That was a little depressing, because I’m sure I’ve written about this before.  But there you go.  Anyway,

Two years of WhenCanIStop

Oh I hate doing these posts every so often about my website and what’s been happening on it.  But then it comes around and I realise that I posted first on this blog just over two years ago, so I

Using Hitwise for large, diverse sites

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t written a post on Hitwise in a while.  And it turns out that they aren’t just called Hitwise any more, they’ve changed their name to ‘Experian Hitwise‘.  I’m not sure

Adobe buys Omniture for $1.8bn

Whoa, you got that right.  Holy Cow was how one twitter post put it.  The whole Omniture hashtag on Twitter went mental over it.  I wonder if it will hit a trending topic.  Obviously the timing for us here in

How Publishers Could Do Micropayments

I’ve been thinking recently about how Publishers should set up their paid for model (given that News International have said they are going to do it).  Last time I wrote about it I was trying to work out if he

Some SEO basics

Every time I write about SEO it amazes me that I’ve written so little about it in the past.  Don’t believe me?  When I talked about how to measure your seo effort back in March I said it then.  Admittedly

Reports/Dashboards v Analysis v Training

Was it a little white rabbit that used to complain that there was so much to do, but so little time?  I can’t remember whether it was or not.  Cleary though, I have forgotten what I said two posts ago

Should Publishers charge for access to content?

I keep updated on the world of online publishing because, well, because I can.  And because I used to be involved in the whole thing until the beginning of the year.  So it hasn’t escaped my knowledge that Rupert Murdoch