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Why you can’t compare figures from different Analytics tools

I was prompted to write this post by Hitwise (of all people) who told me that they were running a beta test that shows a total number of visits.  One of the questions in the test was “Did the reports

Building and Measuring Keyword Footprints

Well it is Search Engine Strategies (SES) in London this week, so I thought I had better be writing something about search engine optimisation.  This year’s SES has been taken over by web analytics guys (or so it would seem

Using Hitwise for large, diverse sites

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t written a post on Hitwise in a while.  And it turns out that they aren’t just called Hitwise any more, they’ve changed their name to ‘Experian Hitwise‘.  I’m not sure

Using Hitwise dashboards

Given that I am about to move jobs, I thought that it would be worthwhile getting a blog post out about a tool which I currently use, but may not do in the new job.  That tool would be Hitwise. 

Using Hitwise to help your Social Bookmarking strategies

It is a summer of weddings for me at the moment, but I thought that I’d post about something that came up before the most recent one (congrats to my sister by the way).  Specifically we’ve been talking lots about

Using Hitwise to Help Drive Search Strategy

Not long ago I wrote 6 tips for using Hitwise and a bit of an introduction as to how you can use Hitwise to help your sales teams sell. The next step is to look at how you can use

Hitwise Part Deux – for the Sales team

We’ll continue in the theme of Hitwise after last week’s 6 tips. This week we are going to go into some of the other features of Hitwise that allow you to do some demographic and lifestyle based queries on yours

6 tips for using Hitwise

Because I can, I am going to continue the theme of writing blog posts about things I’ve presented on recently. It kind of makes sense that I’ve gone to all the effort of putting together a power point presentation, so