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Tips for Building your Google Adwords to help Analysis

In a perfect world either all your prospective customers would know about you or they would be able to find you in a search engines because you’d rank for all those search terms that prospective customers (even those that don’t

How and what to do with your adwords campaigns in Google Analytics

Last time I blogged about how you set up your campaigns in HBX and Google Analytics.  Whilst I have given a bit of a description on what to do with your campaigns in HBX before (more on that one later),

Using Hitwise to Help Drive Search Strategy

Not long ago I wrote 6 tips for using Hitwise and a bit of an introduction as to how you can use Hitwise to help your sales teams sell. The next step is to look at how you can use

Bidding for paid keywords on your own brand

As I was writing a presentation for next week on paid keyword tracking, I was reminded of something that had happened to me in a previous job. Particularly this was bidding for keywords that included the brand name. Now for