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Conversion Funnel Analysis in WebTrends

Conversion funnel analysis is so 2008. But I’m in a retro mood, so we’re going to revisit it again, this time updating the series to show how you do conversion funnel analysis in WebTrends. It is quite worrying actually that

How to do Conversion Funnel Analysis in Google Analytics

Last time I suggested that I should write a blog post about funnel analysis in Google Analytics, because all my conversion funnel analysis blog posts had been successful. So this week I am writing a blog post about conversion funnel analysis.

Conversion Funnel Analysis in Omniture SiteCatalyst

Well last week I threatened to do it.  In fact, I think I’ve threatened to do it for quite some time, so here it is. Today I am finally going to do that follow up to the conversion funnel analysis

Web Form Design

In an uncharacteristic change, I’ve been reading some non-fiction on the train to work in the last couple of weeks and thought I’d blog about it here (albeit briefly) before moving on to some related web analytics stuff.  The book

Conversion Funnel Analysis: When, How and What

How often do I start a post of saying that I was doing a presentation this week and thought that it would be useful to give my findings (in a broad way) on this blog? Far too often. However this