About When Can I Stop


When Can I Stop was a blog set up by Alec Cochrane back in the dizzy heights of October 2007.

The initial posts objectives were to help those at RBI, where Alec worked at the time, with their Web Analytics. The posts included day to day tips on how best to use the data that the analytics tools contained so that they could perform their roles to a greater ability.

When Alec left RBI, the purpose of the blog changed slightly. Whilst still aiming to provide handy tips on how to set up and use digital analytics, the main objective of the site was to make Alec more well known and assist in getting Alec better jobs.

In August 2014 Alec moved to being a freelance consultant and WhenCanIStop.com is now a site aimed at showcasing his skills and services to help build the business.

Who is Alec Cochrane?

Alec Cochrane

Alec Cochrane

Alec Cochrane is a Digital Analytics consultant with ten years experience working client and agency side across a number of different sectors.

Alec’s first role in digital analytics was working for TheAA.com as part of their¬†eCommerce team in the early years of analytics. Alec’s role was to report to the senior managers on how sales were performing. It was during this period that TheAA.com started making more revenue online for breakdown cover and car insurance. Alec’s first exposure to analytics tools was using RedEye (kids, ask your grand parents).

Continuing the theme of financial services, Alec’s next role was at esure as part of the front end development IT team, where his first job was to transfer the analytics system from a dusty version of Webtrends to SPSS NetGenesis (kids, ask your grand parents). Alec’s analysis of the ‘funnel’ and work with focus groups resulted in some major changes to the user interface.

Alec’s first entry into the world of publishing at RBI (where this site made its first appearance) was yet another analytics installation, moving from a dusty and misunderstood version of Webtrends to WebSideStory’s HBX (kids, ask your, etc, etc). Alec helped install, administer and train over 400 users on 50 different sites on how to use the tool to understand the performance of the site. Alec worked as part of the search marketing team, reporting and analysing the performance of the sites within search engines.

Alec’s next move was to work on government website BusinessLink (now replaced by Gov.uk), training the team on how to use Omniture (now Adobe) Sitecatalyst, creating models for targets and reporting back to the Government on performance. Alec worked in an Customer Insight team, weaving insight gathered from analytics system with that gathered from customer survey.

Having the taste for consultancy, Alec’s next role was as one of the first consultants at the newly formed UK office for Dutch agency Adversitement. Alec primarily dealt with Adobe SiteCatalyst installations (but also Google Analytics), analysis and support for a range of different types of companies, including eCommerce sites, lead generation sites and customer support sites.

Alec’s most recent role was as Head of Optimisation for strategic consultancy firm Blue Latitude. Working mainly with healthcare clients in difficult, heavily regulated markets, Alec advised on implementations of Webtrends and Google Analytics. Alec also provided advice on how improve paid search campaigns, organic campaigns and building digital capabilities.

Alec has been working with Marks and Spencer at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. Here he has been working with cross functional teams, including product managers to help them optimise their website by providing analysis and recommendations on improvements to feed into their development cycle.

Alec has worked with charity WaterAid in 2015 to ensure that their Google Analytics and third party marketing agency tagging is set up correctly across a variety of platforms and domains, through CMS tools and through Google Tag Manager. Here he has also been assisting with optimising forms and liaising with third party developers.