Month: November 2007

Launching a new site

Well I had to talk about it at some point, so now is as good a time as any. Computer weekly has just had a major redesign (launched at the end of last week) and I am going to talk

Your tables aren’t long enough

Like King Arthur and his gang at a kids tea party, I have been left to rue the size of tables recently. Whilst Arthur may have got out of this predicament by getting Merlin to do his magic, I only

Bidding for paid keywords on your own brand

As I was writing a presentation for next week on paid keyword tracking, I was reminded of something that had happened to me in a previous job. Particularly this was bidding for keywords that included the brand name. Now for

The end of HBX is not quite nigh

It’s all been happening recently. Well, if you live in the world of Analytics like we do then it has all been happening. Firstly there was news that Omniture and Visual Sciences have merged (more of that later), then suddenly