Month: October 2007

Why I’ll be taking GooglePage Rank off my toolbar

You kind of new that at some point someone over at Google was going to do something a little silly and wipe all the good marketing that they’ve done over time into the dust bin. Ok, ok that is a

Getting your users to engage

There was a bit of conversation recently around the measurement of engagement within the web analytics industry and I think that this has been brewing around this company for a while too (although under a different name). Whilst Avinash and

Using Link Analysis, you can work out what links work best in your articles

Do you know where people are clicking in your article? Do you know which links work best on a page? HBX’s clever link analysis tool can tell you all of this, so that you can work out which links work

Britney’s Dog Menaced by Sharks

A common theme around the Business at the moment is moving from writing articles for the magazine to writing articles for the web. More specifically what we are finding is that articles that are going into the magazine are also

Is HBX active viewing awesome?

Yes it is, according to Stephane Hamel. However he was looking at it from a slightly different point of view than from how we will be looking at it within a publishing company. So how will we be looking at

So what if we can’t measure conversion conventionally

If you don’t own an eCommerce website, you have to come up with some other success criteria for your site, which don’t necessarily have to relate to actions. An interesting post from Avinash Kaushik on this subject references Google Analytics,